Artisanal Wine Imports Oscar Pool

 And the nominees are...

The nominees are in and we’ve caught the Oscar fever! So much so, that we’ve created our own version of an Oscar Pool.

We’ve matched up the Best Picture nominees with wines that we feel represent the essence of each movie. Get in on the fun and tell us who you think will walk away with the statuette for Best Picture. If your pick wins, you’ll get a $20 voucher to put towards any of the “nominated” wines. Or if you’re feeling particularly magnanimous, we’ll donate it to your favorite charity when you purchase your Oscar winning wine.

So get in on the action - it’s free…and it’s fun! Only one entry per e-mail so choose carefully. Forward to your wine-loving friends and compare notes on Feb 24. You’ll be contacted via email should your pick win. You can thank you agent, your cat and your second cousin at that time. 

Here are our wine matches:

We think this movie…

Is a good match to this wine…





Soft, Sweet, Touching



Mike & Molly Zinfandel

Things aren’t always what they seem

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Langhe DOC (Massimo Penna)

Always striving to be better

Django Unchained


Big, Strong, Bold

Les Miserables

Petit Chablis

Poor Man’s Chablis

Life of Pi

Varua Maohi (Chateau Saint-Sernin)

Wild, Untamed, Unlikely Pair (grapes)


Barrolo (Massima Penna)

Regal, Strong, often misunderstood

Silver Linings Playbook


Football food match

Zero Dark Thirty

Hendry Cab

Take no prisoners wine


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